Chanting the Name


Yogi Ramsuratkumar - Main Temple Tiruvannamalai

Many people ask Ramdas when He meditates. Ramdas does not know. They ask what Puja is He doing. Ramdas does not know. He possesses a consciousness in which He does not feel He is different from the Divine Being. When you know there is only One, who is to do Sadhana and for what?

Ramdas found for Himself that the repetition of the Mantra which the Guru gave him was a panacea for all the ills of the mind. It stopped the wavering of the mind, freed it from all undesirable thoughts, and made it perfectly serene, calm and tranquil. It was in this condition that God bade Him leave Mangalore and go on a tour. At that time his attachment to worldly objects was completely dead. He went round almost the whole of India, in the course of which He had to go into solitude and undergo severe austerities only with the object of establishing Himself permanently in this consciousness of Reality.

Later on He knew that this was not all. The manifest life has to be seen not as a diversified phenomenon but as one cosmic reality. This vision and realization were also granted to Ramdas in order to prepare Him as a vehicle to reveal the message of Universal Love and Service. After giving this fullness of Divine Experience, God set Ramdas to the task of conveying to the world this message.

From that time, He has been going from place to place at the bidding of His Master, and delivering this message to everybody with whom He comes into contact. He has been telling all, from His own experience, that the repetition of the Holy Mantra is a wonderful remedy for all the diseases of the mind such as lust, hate, greed, attachment, pride and envy.

Ramdas is a servant of God and going from place to place to propagate the Greatness of the Name. He tells you about the Greatness of the Name because it has given Him invaluable benefit. When He was struggling to Realise God, He found that the repetition of Divine Name was the easiest way to purify the mind and Realise God. Ramdas prays to the Lord Almighty to create one- pointed devotion in the hearts of you all so that you may have His Name always on your tongue and enjoy Infinite Bliss.

For Ramdas, you are all manifestations of God, because God dwells in the hearts of everyone of you. Ramdas’s advice to you is that you should remember God constantly so that you may feel His Presence within you. You are all under the protection of God, and He is the great Healer of all your mental and physical maladies.

Ramdas is a humble child of God. When he says Ramdas he refers to Himself. His God is residing in the hearts of all beings and creatures. Before He starts His talks, He salutes the Supreme God who is the Lord of the whole Universe, and invokes the Divine Blessings upon you all so that the awakening of the consciousness of God may always remain with you and you may do all actions in spirit of spontaneous service to Humanity.

'OM' means the Supreme Godhead. 'SRI' means is the power of God, And 'RAM' is the personal God. 'JAI' means victory to Him. He must conquer all the forces of darkness in us and purify our heart through. Then alone victory is complete within us. When Ramdas was chanting God’s Name asking Him to be victorious over all forces of darkness within, he was crying day and night to God, and God finally became victorious.

Chanted by
Papa Ramdas
Sri Ram Jaya Ram
Mata Krishnabai
Sri Ram Jaya Ram
Yogi Ramsuratkumar
Yogi Ramsuratkumar